Do you have a computer, broadband access, discipline and some free time? If you do, and if you are interested in expanding your knowledge in areas of your interest, there are many fascinating e-learning options within your fingertips.

The following are some of the best e-learning courses available in English and Spanish for Hispanics living in the United States, or even for Latin Americans living down South.


Coursera. Online e-learning platform founded by two Stanford University computer scientists. 33 leading universities have partnered with Coursera. You can take more than 100 free online courses in topics such as computer science, math, engineering, medicine, poetry and history.

edEx. You can take free classes offered by Harvard University, the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) and Berkeley University. The topics are quite specialized, from Circuts and electronics to Computer Science and Programming.

Udacity. You can take 14 free online courses (mostly in the computer science field) in this website founded by Sebastian Thrun of Stanford University.

iTunes U. Try some of the 500,000 courses, videos and resources offered by Apple’s iTunes U.

Open Courseware Consortium. Known as OCW, it’s a Consortium of hundreds of universities from around the world. It offers a wide range of courses in different languages. The OCW was developed way before Coursera, edEx and Udacity and, in my opinion, is less user-friendly.

TED. Do you like watching videos? Try TED’s amazing video lectures by some of the leading minds of our time.

Khan Academy. Self-taught video courses developed by Salman Khan on topics ranging from arithmetic and biology to chemistry and physics.



Emagister. It’s the leading free and paid e-learning platform in Spanish. Originally developed in Spain, it now offers special e-learning sites for the United States (English), Mexico, Colombia, Chile and Argentina. Study anything from gastronomy to graphic design.

Open Courseware Consortium. The OCW Consortium offers about 1,266 free online Spanish courses from universities in Spain and Latin America. Among them, Universidad de Monterrey (Mexico) and Universidad de Sevilla (Spain). You can take courses such as “Excel nivel I”, “Historia de México Siglo XX” or “Fotografía Digital”.

More. Other Spanish online courses include And if you want to learn English online, check out this list of resources (in Spanish).

If you want further information in Spanish about the best e-learning options, check out this column I wrote for AARP.